I’ve done a terrible job keeping up with blog posts! Truth is, I’d much rather spend my limited time painting instead of writing, but I know it’s important to write about what motivates and inspires me. Because sometimes it helps my friends and fellow artists who are struggling… read more.

I’m back! Actually, I never left, though it may appear that way to anyone who was paying attention. Let’s just say that my focus was diverted for a while – about a year, to be specific – more on that later. This is just a quick post to confirm to the world that… read more.

Why a Web Site


I’ve known for years that I need to have a professional Web site that I can refer people to when they ask me about my work. “You really need to have a Web site” is a phrase that I’ve heard over and over again from art galleries, art dealers, artist friends, clients, and my… read more.