A Not So Brief Hiatus

by Mehran Rashidfarokhy in Miscellaneous

I’m back! Actually, I never left, though it may appear that way to anyone who was paying attention. Let’s just say that my focus was diverted for a while – about a year, to be specific – more on that later. This is just a quick post to confirm to the world that I am here, I am painting, and I’m looking forward to sharing lots of new work in the coming months.


I also want to provide a bit of encouragement to my fellow artists out there who may find themselves sidetracked, frustrated, distracted, or otherwise on hiatus. Take the time you need to take care of yourself – or your family and friends – and know that it’s okay to get off track sometimes. When the time is right, you’ll find your way back. 

Case in point: just as I was regrouping after my own hiatus, I received an email from an individual who had purchased one of my paintings from a gallery a few years ago. The gallery has since closed (sadly, like so many other galleries in recent years) so he searched for me online and found me through my website here on foliotwist. He contacted me and inquired about one of the pieces on my site and asked to see some of my new work. After a few emails and a couple meetings, he ended up purchasing two paintings. He also told me about other artists whose work he admires and showed me photos of several pieces in his collection. I was incredibly flattered to learn that such a serious collector had sought me out to ask about my current work.  I enjoyed getting to know him and learning about his travels and his passion for art, and discussing my own work with him. This all happened just as I was working to “find my way back” – to get refocused and reenergized – and it was a very rewarding and motivating experience.


I’ve recently completed several paintings and I’m working on photographing and posting images in my “recent works” gallery. I’m also researching ways to sell more paintings online and reach a broader audience with my work. I’d love to hear from anyone with suggestions and recommendations on sites to check out. Finally, I’ve just launched a facebook page where I plan to post photos of various works in progress, share sources of inspiration, and announce upcoming shows and exhibits. Please check me out on facebook and “like” my page. Thanks for checking me out, and stay tuned!