Mehran was born in Tehran and spent his childhood in Iran.  He moved to Munich, Germany as a young teen and it is here where he received the foundation of his fine art training, in the studios of his uncles Anoush (1924-1989) and Madjid, both well-known professional artists.


Mehran studied illustration and graphic design at Moorhead State University in Minnesota.  He spent time in northern California and Washington, DC and began painting professionally in 1988 when he sold his first painting in the U.S. to The Middleton Gallery in Annapolis, Maryland.  He spent several years traveling between Germany and the United States until he became a U.S. citizen in 1993.


Mehran’s work includes a wide variety of impressionist and post-impressionist landscapes, cityscapes and coastal scenes; classic and contemporary floral and still life paintings; and modern abstract pieces.  He works with oil, acrylic, and gouache, and often uses a palette knife to build thick layers of paint and create visual dimension and definition on the canvas.  He has exhibited and sold his work in galleries throughout the United States and Europe, and he currently works with a select group of art dealers and galleries.


Mehran currently resides with his wife and three children in Alexandria, Virginia, where he paints in his home studio and takes daily long walks with his chocolate lab rescue, Nola.


In addition to the pieces featured on his website, Mehran’s paintings may be purchased from galleries, art dealers, and select online retailers such as Zatista.  Visit @mehranfineart on facebook and instagram to view his latest work and activities.  Private commissions are available; please email or submit a contact form with inquiries.